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32G HD Spy Camera Watch Digital Video Recorder DVR

32G Spy camera watch with digital video and audio recorder video functions: VGA640*480AVI format, 30 frames, video and audio synchronization high-definition pictures function: 3 million pixels, JPEG computer video camera functions: video conference, the network chat, etc Economy is convenient for battery: high capacity polymer lithium electricity, namely inserted namely filling

Audio CCTV Microphone For CCTV Camera

Do you wish to secretly listen to all conversations in your home of office? Do you have a new CCTV installation or an existing one that you wish you could add audio functionality to? Do you want to hear all gossips and malicious conversations aimed at denigrating your personality? Or you want audio visual evidence of a transaction or encounter? This mic installs neatly beside your CCTV camera without being noticed. It can pick up clear sounds for up to 25 metres and beyond. Nothing beats empirical evidence in these days of increasing insecurity and crime. You could even share your CCTV camera's power supply with it. Just plug power into power port and plug data into the other and connect the other data end to the DVR and voila! You can hear everything. One add-on mini audio box for all Camera which need audio function High Sensitive microphone and 12V power regulator built-in box  
  • Plug & Play
  • Extremely Sensitive
  • Great for Security Monitoring
  • Higher S/N Ratio
  • Range : 150 Square metres
  • Audio Output: RCA Female
  • Sensitivity : 200mA/ubar
  • Work current :5 mA-60mA
  • Work Voltage:9-12V
  • Frequency:200-6000HZ
  • Max output Voltage:5V-upp

Chef Spy Camera Button

This gadget looks just like an  ordinary shirt button, but it is actually a  high quality spy recorder, and  hidden within is a tiny pinhole camera that captures a clear image without  arousing suspicion. Designed with convenience in mind, this ingenious spy cam  features large vibration feedback buttons allowing you to easily use the device  without having to look at it. Just press and hold the button for 2 seconds and  the device will vibrate for a moment, confirming that it is now recording. Press  it once more to stop and save. The advanced button DVR records high resolution 720  x 480 video at 30FPS and 2560 x 1920 pictures. Colors are accurate,  motion is  smooth, and images are clear and full of detail. You can even capture video in  low light conditions with good results. Whatever the conditions might be, you  can count on this great spy button to capture all your undercover recordings  when you need it most. Being also able to record audio, it is the perfect spy  gadget to keep a record of face-to-face conversations and talks

HD Spy Camera Eyeglass Digital Video Recorder

HD Camera eyeglass digital video recorder dvr features. 1. AVI video format 2. Video coding M – JPEG 3. video resolution:1280 * 720 VGA 4. FPS video frame rate of 30 FPS plus or minus 1 Player software operating system or the mainstream video player software 5. Image format JPG 6. 5M Pix image pixels 7. Image ratio: 4:3 8. Support system: Windows me / 2000 / xp / 2003 / vista; Mac OS 10.4; Linux; 9. Charging voltage: DC 5 v 10. The Mini 5 Pin USB interface type 11. Storage support: MicroSD (TF)up to 32 GB 12. capacity polymer lithium battery: 250 mAh

New Mini CCTV Camera Pinhole Audio Record WITH InfraRed Night Vision

This camera has 6 tiny infrared Led bulbs that enbales night vision and it produces a very clear and bright coloured picture during the day time. It is cheap and easy to install and it also comes with audio pinhole that enables the user hear sounds and voices of intruders or visitors..

Seller Info Leather Night Vision HD 1080P Spy Video Camera Watch

Inspired by the latest technology  Full HD 1080P 8GB Spy Watch Hidden Camera is designed as waterproof structure of the 3 degrees (30 meters underwater), but it does not mean that you could use it as a diving watch. In the daily life it only can be splash proof. Do NOT use it under the water.

Function: Camera + Taking Photo + Audio only +PC Camera + AV out

This is a HD-DV Watch, you can shoot high-definition video, taking high-quality photos, recording high-quality audio. With simple operation, elegant design, small size, it is easy to carry. It is an essential utility in business, education, security, media, justice, tourism, health care, living and other field.

No original package offered only if you asked for, thanks!

Works as a 8GB USB drive

USB Plug & Play Compatible

Easy to use “One Touch” record button

Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Real time record any video and audio evidence instantaneously

Smallest fully functioning digital video recorder (DVR) in the world

Seller Info Spy Camera Table Clock

Table Clock Camera. It is sleek, compact and light-weight. The spy table clock camera will add to the beauty of your interiors. This spy digital table clock camera is your best bet for up, close and personal surveillance at your home and office. This multifunctional Spy Hidden Digital Table Clock Camera with Remote Control serves many purposes. You can use this table clock camera for telling time, setting alarm, recording meetings, taking photographs and for spying. The unique feature of Spy Camera Clock is that it is a motion detection device. Plus, it does real voice timekeeping. The sleek and light-weight remote control that comes with this table clock camera makes possible easy and effective use of this product.

Spy Wall Camera Clock

The Spy Wall Clock Camera is a wall mounted or standing racing analog clock with a built-in mini spy camera •It is an easy-to-use hidden camera that doesn't have any wires. •You can use it as a camera to record happy family life freely and have a beautiful memory for future •It can be used to monitor house and office security and can be used by parents who are looking for a nanny cam to monitor their babysitter or nanny can benefit from the high resolution color video, which allows them to easily review what is going on in their home while they are away. •The camera is ready to use right out of the box, and records videos, videos can be played back on a user's computer and stored there. •It auto store videos every 5 mins. •Connect the provided USB cable to the back of the clock close to where the battery is housed and the other end to your USB port on your lap top •Monitor to see what has been recorded. •It is a high-definition digital camera with motion detection and camera-equipped photo frame. •It can shoot photos and high-definition screen, it is simple, small and superb, beautiful and convenient. •This wall clock hidden camera blends perfectly into any residential, school, warehouse or office environment. •This surveillance system is well hidden inside a functional clock with a built-in transmitter and remote control for switch to turn on and off. Please your order now for Spy Wall Clock Camera at konga at best price in Nigeria market

Universal Hidden Camera Pen DVR

Key Features
  • Micro Camera‎
  • Video recording
  • Shoto taking capability
  • sensitive microphone
  • TF micro sd slot
  • Voice recording capacity

Waterproof MP3 Spy Leather Strap Watch

In general, the watches are designed to show the time, but not to watch this one. This watch is also not a smart watches are on the rise at this time. These watches are specially designed for you who like a spy. These watches are equipped with a timer in genera