How To Know When Using The Music Player

Why should you have a music player?
Facing the rapid development of smartphones, many people have raised the question “where is the future of music devices going?”. But in fact, despite the years, smartphones still can’t completely replace the position of specialized music devices. So what makes a solid player, especially for those who are really passionate about music.

Excellent sound quality : Most smartphones now allow users to download and listen to music, but this feature is only secondary, the quality is still limited. Meanwhile, with a music player, music playback is considered a “fishing rod”. They are often equipped with DAC chips and high quality amplifier circuits so the sound emitted is very good, than mobile phones.

Large battery capacity : The player can play music continuously all day on just one charge. In contrast, mobile phones often consume more power due to having to run multiple functions at the same time. Therefore, usually it only plays about 2-3 hours of music to charge, that is not to mention many poor battery phones, the music playback time is probably shorter.

Compact design: The player possesses a compact, convenient design, allowing users to easily store, use and carry out. The popular music player today

Mp3 player
An MP3 player is a device that uses the MP3 format. MP3 stands for the phrase MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, launched in 1991 and was dubbed the “king of audio”. With excellent audio backup capabilities, MP3 has become the standard for many music software, music players and even music websites. It has the ability to remove all data containing sounds that ordinary people cannot hear, and compress the remaining data to the maximum extent. Mp3 format is supported Metadata and uses ID3 information store, which allows to store information such as song title, artist, album at the end of each file’s code.

MP4 player
MP4 players use the MP4 format (short for MPEG-4 Part 14). This technology was developed based on Apple’s QuickTime MOV format, while also adding other diverse features of MPEG. MP4 files were first released in 2001, re-released in 2003 and widely used to this day. If MP3 is an “audio backup” format that can only be used with audio, MP4 is a “media storage” that can store audio, photos, documents and even videos. The MP4 format also supports Metadata and interacts with metadata as it does on an expanded metadata platform.

MP5 player
MP5 player is the junior generation of MP3 and MP4. This device has the ability to play high-end formats and has more features than MP3 and MP4 players. Advice on buying a music player.

Storage capacity
If possible, choose a player with a large storage capacity even if your current needs are not up to that level. Currently, most music players use hard drives or Flash memory to store data. Compared to hard drives, Flash memory has less storage capacity but is more durable, energy-efficient and less heat efficient when operating. Some devices also have a microSD card slot for added flexibility.

Design and interface
Those who are interested in listening to music when outside activities such as going to the gym, jogging, walking, … should choose the model with a compact design, easy to put in the pocket of pants, pocket and durable , withstand bumps. And those who aim for multimedia entertainment, the large screen machine will be an appropriate choice.

Battery life
The more battery a player has, the longer it will play. Typically, the battery life of the device will not reach the specifications given by the manufacturer. A player is considered to have a good battery if its continuous operating time is 12 hours or more.

Other extra features
Today’s music players are often integrated with many other smart auxiliary features to bring more convenient experiences for users, such as bluetooth music players, wirelessly connected music players, plug-ins. usb memory card, shake to change songs, select songs according to the beat, take photos, record videos, record, … Of course, the more features the device has, the more expensive the price. You need to weigh between demand and price to choose the right equipment.

Notes when using the player:
Always store the device in a cool, dry place, away from humid, too hot temperatures, or in direct sunlight.
If you accidentally let the device fall into the water, users need to turn off the device immediately, then dry it with a hair dryer and take it to repair.
Avoid the device or being crushed by heavy objects.
Do not empty the battery before charging.
Do not unplug the memory card frequently in and out.
How much does the player cost? What brand of player should buy?
Players are quite diverse with prices ranging from several hundred thousand to several million or even more than that. Among the brands that produce music players today, names like Sony , Cowon , Samsung, … are popular with many consumers, especially Sony products. Sony music players are not appreciated only for sound quality with harmoniou

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